New release: Salt Spring: Sun and Shadow

2021, Arbutus Records

This collection is called "Salt Spring: Sun and Shadow", comprising tracks I recorded on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, in early 2017. The cover photo is from this time as well.

I had been taking a couple months off, spending time with family, walking by the ocean and through the wooded trails around the island, taking photographs, taking time and enjoying the landscape. I began recording this music early in the mornings, sipping coffee with a view into the forest, before the rest of the people in the house were awake. The pieces were made with simple, asynchronous keyboard and guitar loops, using analog echo effects to devolve and degrade the sounds. I mixed to and from tape at The Pines recording studio in Montreal, messing with tape speeds, plate reverb and various atmospheric effects along the way.

The results are, I hope, a simple quiet accompaniment for time spent reading, unwinding or unplugging by whatever means are desired.

The cassettes are a limited hand-packaged run of riso-printed artwork. Due to pandemic related extended turn times, they ship on June 11th 2021.